Anonymous disclosure form

If you are in need of urgent assistance or feel at risk of harm, please contact 999 now.

If you wish to formally report an issue to СʪƵ, call 0116 2577642.

This form will allow the university to receive information anonymously regarding incidents of hate, harassment or sexual misconduct experienced by СʪƵ students.
We understand that not everyone will want to formally report their experiences, which is why this form has been developed. The university will not be able to investigate any disclosures received via this form; however, sharing what has happened helps us monitor the prevalence of these issues and helps us to remove barriers to reporting. Your response can help us make effective use of resources and ensure our training programmes and initiatives are targeted to the appropriate areas.

For further information, please refer to the options below:

  • No Space For Hate: Support and signposting if you have experienced an issue linked to hate or harassment
  • The Mandala Project: Support and advice If you have experienced sexual violence or harassment, domestic abuse or so called ‘honour’ abuse
  • СʪƵ Security: Report incidents formally to our security team or get tips on safety

Please note that this form is limited to СʪƵ students. СʪƵ staff should refer to the guidance in the and . СʪƵ employees and their families may also access free and confidential counselling support and advice on a range of lifestyle challenges via the PAM Wellbeing service who are contactable on 08081 968 186.

Submit an anonymous disclosure


  • Part One
    This part of the form will give us some basic information about the event being disclosed.
  • I am disclosing on behalf of:
  • I am:
  • What is the main reason for you choosing to disclose anonymously?
  • Do you believe the behaviour you suffered or witnessed was based on prejudice or hostility because of one of the following protected, or perceived protected characteristics?