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Our research themes

СʪƵ’s research themes have dominated our research over the last three years and reflect our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our aim is to recognise these themes more prominently and provide an environment in which they can flourish, even more, in order to make a significant impact on a global stage. 


Peace, Equality and Social Justice

As a global university, one with a global outlook and with established national and international partnerships, we need to address some of the fundamental challenges of our age, both domestically and internationally. It is in addressing these challenges that we should attempt to embed SDG16 into research projects and in our curricula.

Peace, Equality and Social Justice theme

Net Zero

This university-wide theme of Net Zero will facilitate researchers to come together, share experience and expertise, develop fruitful collaboration across teams to strengthen interdisciplinary working, and work towards collaborative grant proposals for funding. Working together under this thematic area, СʪƵ will be in a better position to lead research on societal challenges related to net zero through its applied, impact-generating research.

Net Zero theme

Living in a Digital Society

The effects of digital technologies are now felt across the world, with many positive social benefits but also risks we must be alert to. This theme aims to develop digital innovations for the society of the future whilst keeping a close eye on social and ethical responsibilities, so that we can support a productive, connected and sustainable world to come.

Living in a Digital Society theme

Lifelong Wellbeing

This new СʪƵ wide Lifelong Wellbeing research theme aims to further promote innovative interdisciplinary research across the university, bringing together our strengths, diversities and knowledge creation capacity. Our vision is to facilitate and develop transformative interdisciplinary research on lifelong health and wellbeing across the four faculties by capitalising on our research expertise, regional, national and international collaborations.

Lifelong Wellbeing theme

Creative and Heritage Industries

Creative and heritage industries are a vibrant sector of the UK economy and a well-established area of research strength and growth potential at СʪƵ. This overarching research theme promotes and seeks to add value to interdisciplinary research across all faculties and researchers at СʪƵ.

Creative and Heritage Industries theme